Winter blues

Hello all!

I’m working on a werewolf adventure as well as the next book in the Kansas Vampire series. Right now, my hours at the day job are part-time so I have an opportunity to fill my days with writing. I can’t go outside in bitterly cold weather and wind chills. My asthma makes it hard to breathe in the cold air.

I’ve had a bit of a time of it over the last few months. We had to have our furnace worked on twice, had to pay for repairs to the pickup truck, had to purchase a new hot water heater because our old one was going out, and had a bit of a time with propane deliveries during bitterly cold weather. Thankfully, so far, there have been no frozen pipes at our house. We still have to buy a new well pump, repair the floor beneath the washer and dryer, and insulate the pipes at the writing office and dance studio. But those projects, along with some major fence repairs are scheduled for warmer weather.

Until next time,

Adrenaline Rush

Yesterday morning I had a nightmare about a screaming horse fighting a dragon. I started my day off with putting the dogs outside and as I was fixing my coffee, someone came down my driveway.
I met her in the dark and rain to hear that one of my horses had been hit on the highway. I ran back inside and grabbed my truck keys and drove over to the scene.
I jumped out of my truck and immediately called to the horses. In the darkness, wind and rain, with flashing lights, it took me five minutes to get close enough to the horses.


I offered the use of my quarantine pen temporarily before I went back home. By now, my fleece sleep shirt and pants were soaked, my slippers were wet, and my heart rate was finally slowing to a more normal rate. I called my babies up and gave them some grain, scratches and pats, and breathed a sigh of relief.
When chores were finished, I was dressed and fed, and storm prep done, another woman drove down my private road to my house. A winter storm with significant ice and snow accumulation was quickly approaching.
The frazzled, panicked, and upset owner of the other horses asked if she could leave the remaining duo of equines in my quarantine area for a while until she could get the fence fixed.
I spent yesterday afternoon making sure my fences were somewhat repaired and the visiting horses are secure.
The visitors will be going home in the next day or two, the storm has passed, my furnace is fixed, my hackers were stopped, and we have propane. I have a stew in the crockpot, fresh bread, hot coffee, and tomorrow the frigid temps and ice will melt off.

Difference of a Year

Hello all!

What a difference a year makes!  Last. year at this time I would not have fathomed that I would be reworking my website, with remote help.

Please bear with me as the website changes and as I learn.

Last year, I released “Flip Side”.  This year I released a between-the-books book in this series “Waking the Devil”.  Next year, I hope to release another book. I’m currently working on  a werewolf novel and the next book in the series.

Last year, I would not have had the courage to attempt half of what I did this year.

thanks for your patience.


Kansas is CLOSED?!

Hello my darklings,

My title for this is no exaggeration. Kansas has been declared a state of emergency today. We have high winds, blowing and heavy snow, and poor visibility. Roads are closed across the state and there are emergency shelters being set up. It is dangerous for travelers, HAZARDOUS for emergency personnel and law enforcement, and life-threatening for your furry friends. DO NOT TRAVEL if at all possible.

Hopefully, your pets are inside, your livestock have shelter and water, and you have food, water, and blankets, as well as having your cell phones charged. Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car. (first aid kit, jumper cables, tow rope, candle and matches or flares, kitty litter, salt, warm clothing or blankets, nonperishable food, shovel, ice scraper, flashlights)

I just published the next book in the Kansas Vampire Series, Waking the Devil. It’s a between-the-books volume. Do you ever wonder what Jesus, Psych, and Twitch do when they’re not with the Contessa? Here’s your chance to find out. Today is the perfect time to snuggle in with a book!

Stay safe!
until next time,


Winter Blues

Hello my lovelies!

I do hope this autumn finds you well. I’m working on the next book in the series as well as waiting for the between-the-books ms to come back from my pro editor.

Psych and Twitch have been in The Little Apple, Manhattan, Kansas, busy on finding out who is trying to kill the leader of the werewolf pack. I included two short stories as well as this novel. I hope you all enjoy it.

The screenplay is in a holding pattern because of… well… LIFE. As soon as I can sit down with the amazing Director and go over the script, it will be a green light, and we will start in earnest.

I apologize for being so quiet lately. The stresses of this year and into next have been a bit of a difficulty and I have a handle on it. It’s not easy having several big events back-to-back in a landmark year but I’m grateful for all of it! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

This weekend we are expecting snow. It may be only flurries, but it’s still snow in early October. It’s on top of 9 inches of rain in the last week. We’ve gone from extreme drought to 2″ above normal pool level at the local reservoir. I will simply put on my fuzzy slippers, soft sweater, and cuddle up with the fur babies beneath a blanket until the sun comes out.

be well! until next time!


It’s a screenplay?!

Hello my lovelies!

I have finished my screenplay! It’s a rough draft, mind you, but it’s complete. I’m in the stages of proofreading it, but it’s my first screenplay.

I am lucky to have a good bunch of folks to work with and they are PATIENT with me. I am grateful for the experience and am having a wonderful time.

I may be rather absent for the next few months because I will be busy with the movie. At this point, we WISH we had a budget.

but… after all, Bruce Campbell hasn’t done so bad…

until next time,



Hello my lovelies.

In the last few weeks, things have taken off. In a few more weeks, I will be on several panels at ConQuesT in KC. This is new to me, but promises to be a blast.

I sold copies of Night Blind and Flip Side to someone recently, not knowing the implications. Let’s just say, there are talks of turning Night Blind into a movie. Hopefully, in the next couple of years we will be hitting the indie movie festivals.

I also wrote my first screenplay. Sink or swim, I am willing to learn new skills. Night Blind the movie is one step closer to completion.  Check out Night Blind the movie  coming soon! 

New content to be added as we go forward! Stay tuned!

And a big thanks to every single one of you who follows my musings and have been with me from the start.

Gotta run.


When Your Horse Isn’t in the Race…

Hello all!

Well, the last few months have been a series of ups and downs. Lately, more downs. Anyway, I am no longer a journalist, and I am back to being an under-employed indie author.

This week, I encountered some rude behavior by an acquaintance of mine. I am ignoring it. But what gets me is, why? Am I some sort of threat? A rival? I’m not jealous of the other person, nor do I have any sort of revenge or rivalry. I simply want to go my own way and be happy.

I feel there is enough room in this big world for everyone. There are enough readers for all authors. I am so tired of people being ugly, mean, cutthroat, and just plain backstabbing. Let people be, lift each other up, and if you don’t like someone or something, then leave. Leave the person alone. You don’t have to like what someone says or does, but it doesn’t give you reason to be a jerk and be mean.

So as I go on my way, writing my next book, I have no plans to kill off my acquaintance in any of my books. However, if I am pressed too hard, I might change my mind. I’ve done it before. If you’ve read my story “Tranquility”, you understand.


much love. until next time


It’s HERE!!

Hello my darlings!
Flip Side is now available at! I managed to get it done in spite of the challenges I faced. My pro editor was ill, I changed jobs, and I had to do massive rewrites to get this done on time!

I appreciate your patience. I am excited to introduce some new characters,  have some familiar characters return, and there are some new plot points that give some insight to the vampire world.

sorry to be brief, but I have to get back to work. Hope to see you at ConQuest in Kansas City in May.