Hello all,

Here in the Flint Hills region, it is finally sprint. The grass is emerging.Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. AND the farmers and ranchers are burning.
yes. burning.
The fires stimulate the grasses and stop the growth of invasive plant species. It looks like the whole area is one big brush fire. This is done on a rotational basis.
It’s not easy for me. Growing up, if you burned the grass, you didn’t have any grazing for the year. I fight the momentary panic, my allergies, and my asthma every spring. Thankfully, the season only lasts a few weeks before it’s over for another year.
I love to have my windows open to enjoy the fresh and warm air. The soft breeze changes and BAM! My house is filled with smoke. I am hoping that since most of my neighbors burned last year, I will get a reprieve.
Enough of my whining. PLEASE be safe. DO NOT drive into the smoke. You can’t see where the fire is and you might get caught in it if you drive into the smoke. If there are barricades or personnel that tell you to stop and wait, or to take a detour, DO IT. They know the area and the management plan. If you have to wait, know that it won’t take very long before it will be safe to travel.
If the worst does happen, remember black and blue. Black for the already burned areas. Blue for water. Should you find yourself in the fire’s path, move into an already burned area- the black. If you can’t do that, find some water- the blue.
The sight of the fires moving over the hillsides is dramatic to watch. Please make sure when you do observe, you do so safely.
This early morning, I am granted a reprieve. There’s too much wind for a burn right now as the sun creeps up over the horizon. So I will enjoy my coffee and a peaceful sunrise.
Be safe all

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