When Your Horse Isn’t in the Race…

Hello all!

Well, the last few months have been a series of ups and downs. Lately, more downs. Anyway, I am no longer a journalist, and I am back to being an under-employed indie author.

This week, I encountered some rude behavior by an acquaintance of mine. I am ignoring it. But what gets me is, why? Am I some sort of threat? A rival? I’m not jealous of the other person, nor do I have any sort of revenge or rivalry. I simply want to go my own way and be happy.

I feel there is enough room in this big world for everyone. There are enough readers for all authors. I am so tired of people being ugly, mean, cutthroat, and just plain backstabbing. Let people be, lift each other up, and if you don’t like someone or something, then leave. Leave the person alone. You don’t have to like what someone says or does, but it doesn’t give you reason to be a jerk and be mean.

So as I go on my way, writing my next book, I have no plans to kill off my acquaintance in any of my books. However, if I am pressed too hard, I might change my mind. I’ve done it before. If you’ve read my story “Tranquility”, you understand.


much love. until next time