Blown Away

Hello all!

IsystheVampire’s blog site is still experiencing difficulties. (As you can guess, she’s not happy about it but she’s being patient.) We are grateful for the team working to get it back up, BUG FREE, and running.
We’ve finally broken out of the Polar Vortex to have a cyclone bomb be dropped on Denver. How does this affect Kansas? Specifically, central and eastern Kansas? It means we had rain all day yesterday, after rain and snow and a brief dry out, to be slammed today with high winds bringing sustained wind gusts. We are actually in a wind warning.
For those of you who don’t understand, Kansas has winds. 10-15 mph for us is a light, normal breeze. We don’t bat an eye at much less than 25 mph. Today, we have 30-50+ gusts and sustained winds around 30-40 mph.
Kansans did secure lawn furniture, trash cans, small children and pets, and anything else light enough to get tossed by strong winds.
I am avoiding road travel until late today. I’m not a fan of the car in the other lane suddenly being thrown into yours, and possibly ONTO you.
I am grateful for shelter. I am grateful for the mud drying out. I am grateful for the peeks of sunshine I am getting today.
Please, all of you stay safe out there.
until next time,

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