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Dismal Failure-sort of

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Last week I was supposed to showcase an author and help with a blog hop. Well I did what I was supposed to do- wrote a blog post about my writing process, then give a short bio and set up the next author in the hop. I did.

and only a handful of people read the post. One comment on the post.

I felt I let my pal down. This was supposed to help set her up for traffic to her blog, give a set up for her, and give her some publicity and I failed miserably. Or did I?

I did my best. It wasn’t good enough but at least I can say I threw my heart in it. I can either sit here and seethe, WHINE about it in a blog, or look at what went wrong and next time change it. The next time I will do things a little differently. I will have more of a build-up to it, have more posts about it during the week, and spam the hell out of everyone in general with it.

But did I really fail? Isn’t failure when you don’t learn from your mistakes? When you do not try?  Maybe I have a different definition of failure than some people.

According to my definition, I didn’t fail. I simply didn’t get the results I’d hoped for. It means I know what NOT to do next time, and there will be a next time.

until then, 




Hi all.

CL Raven( asked me to participate in this blog hop. Don’t judge me too harshly. CL gave me four questions- 1 What am I working on?  I am working on several projects at once. I have a novel with three of my characters nearly finished to send to Amos and Cassidy, I have the story of my character, Isis, and her family. (Thankfully, Isis agreed to let me use her page as well as mine  for this. I also have a werewolf novel I started almost 2 years ago, as well as one other short story in the works.

2 How does my work differ from others of this genre? I am not sure EXACTLY which genre I am. I have some action, some paranormal, some romance, a LOT of touchy/feely stuff, as well as character growth in my stuff. I want my non-stereotypical heroines to be themselves, not fit into a mold. My gals are a little more voluptuous, a little older, and not perfect. My mcs are NOT nubile, barely legal, size 2 girls.

3 Why do I write what I do? Well this is a multi-part answer. It feels right for me to write this. I write what I want to read and what I want my nieces and nephews to see and learn from. I don’t like some of what is out there that shows girls/women as very co-dependent. I want to show them something different and a better way to be. (BTDT co-dependent thing.) Also, when I sit down at the computer, this is what falls out. I love to write short stories as well as novels.

4 How does my writing process work? Right now, it is whenever I can squeeze it in. I write and edit almost anywhere. If I am riding in a car, at mealtime at work, when I’m mowing the lawn (I write in my head), or when I sit down at the computer. I plot when I do chores, I edit when I hit writer’s block, and the rest of the time I write. I have Scapple and Scrivener and use Scapple and lots of scribbled notes on pieces of paper to help  keep my ideas sort of organized. I get stuck, I just jump to another WIP until something breaks loose. Then, I jump back and keep going.

Okay, so next week is going to be the sensuous SK Yule, writer extrordinaire of the paranormal, and multi-published author.  Check out her stuff here

 until next time