Spring Rains

Hello my freaky ones!
My writer is having an awful day and since my site is having a few rough spots, I decided to borrow her blog for the day.
Don’t get me wrong. My writer has an awesome computer tech person helping her. It’s just a bit of a difficulty for now. (AND I do keep locking myself out of it because I forgot the details.)
I’m borrowing her blog for the day. Here in Kansas, we’ve had a week of rainy weather. Which is fine for the hay and the frogs, but not so much for my writer. It really brings her down. I can’t even get her to sit under the therapy light today and she’s sitting in bed! (which she almost NEVER does) At least she’s watching some Dr Who- the new stuff.
Anyway, I’m keeping her company. I hope I can get her to at least go out for some groceries. Her diet this last week has been appalling. She needs more greens and such…
My writer has been working on the next book. It’s not her fault things are taking so long. Several of us are telling her our stories and she has to figure out how to arrange the memories into a readable and concise book. Not an easy task by any means. PLEASE be patient with her. She’s doing the best she can at this point.
Today, I will see if I can get her to eat something, have a bit of coffee, and maybe get her dressed. (I did get her to go shower! Small victories and all.)
A bit thanks to Em S for keeping the sites up and running. I’m off to go make some coffee and see if I can get my writer to at least have a cuppa and get dressed. (Maybe she will put on her Ariellah darker still shirt and some leggings for the day?)
Be well. Be good to each other. I will let you know when I get back into my blog site. For today I’m my writer’s keeper.