Spring Contemplation

Hello all-

here in Kansas it is spring. that means controlled burning, air quality issues, and breathing difficulties for me. thankfully, the great swaths of sooty land will be green in a few days.
this is also the time of year when the flowers are out in full bloom. my spring bulbs my dad and I planted 13 years ago are out in their fancy dress. they are a source of joy for me, but also makes me miss Dad.
my husband and I spent our Easter at home. our quiet weekend was busy. controlled burn of my pasture, neighbor horses loose, and me penning mine up to keep them from talking smack and aggravating things were part of the adventure. neighbors helped and the wayward ponies were returned uninjured and tired, with only a few honks and minimal traffic interruption.
our weather is mercurial and variable. we are switching from cool and rainy to warm and sunny with no rhyme or reason. I am grateful for the rains as they will transform the burned and blackened scars on the landscape to lush green grass seemingly overnight. I am eager for the change.
Wishing all of you Happy Easter, Happy Passover, or however you choose to celebrate the renewal.
until later

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