Just a Name- or is it?

Hello my little dark ones,

This weekend, something happened to a friend of my writer. This belly dancer pal has a bumper sticker and received a rather ignorant and nasty note on her car. The bumper sticker has been on her vehicle for many years and is belly dancer themed, However, some ill-tempered fool decided to leave a note. The bumper sticker says “Isis Isis Ra Ra Ra”. Some rude person left a note suggesting my white, American-born friend relocate and go do a physical impossibility.

This has upset my writer. She has suggested I change my name. After all, I am Isis the Vampire. I thought about it for a moment, then decided. It is not my fault the media uses the improper acronym in news reports. It is not my fault people are ignorant and do not know the difference in an acronym and a name. Why should I change who I am? Would any of you, my little ones, want to change your name due to politics? Many times in the past, people have changed their names because of the political climate. For some people, changing their name is the right thing for them to do. Some have had no choice in the matter. Some, like my writer, have lost some of their family history and heritage.

The political climate is unsettling. There are injustices and atrocities happening and have happened throughout history. We are destined to repeat our mistakes unless we make conscious choices. Follow your conscience. Judge people by their actions and react accordingly.

For me, I choose to stay true to who I am. I shall remain Isis the Kansas Vampire. I am braced for snark, ignorance, hateful words, and general rude behavior. I survived hateful words before. The only ones I worry about are my writer, her family, and her friends. My writer assures me that she will be fine. After all, she survived being ostracized before.

I do hope you will choose to educate and inform yourselves. I do hope that you will not judge everyone based on the actions of a few.

So, for now, I will hope for the best. I will keep my name as it is. I will judge people by their actions. But, if you tick me off, I cannot guarantee I won’t suck you dry like a teenager with a gas station slushy. Oops. Did I say that? Anyway. I hope you choose information and education instead of ignorance and hate.

Until next time,

Isis the Vampire

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