July 5 I had a wonderful day at Ellen Plumb’s City Book Store in Emporia, Kansas. It is a marvelous little gem snuggled up next to the college and if you’re not looking, you will miss it.
I was the featured author for the night.I had a room FULL of friends and friends who are family. The place was packed and I sold more books than I expected. New and old friends were introduced, and we had a good time.
THIS Saturday night, I will be at the Barnes and Noble in Bradley Fair in WIchita, Kansas on a local author panel. Or am I more of a regional Kansas-centric author now?
I am nervous. Hopeful. Excited. And I get to go stay with my daughter and her awesome hubby and see my other daughter. I get to see an author pal of mine who is also on the docket.
and my Vampire Doman will be there! I am afraid I will disappoint him.But I know the only way I could have done that was to NOT EVEN TRY for this.
For now, I will breathe, relax, and work on my next project.
I am also slated to try for a paranormal murder mystery anthology in a few more days. I’m halfway finished with the draft.
I also am waiting to see if I got a spot at the Local Author Day with the Wichita Kansas Library!
Maybe, if I look at the big picture, I might be getting the traction I need.

Hard Choices

Monday was a hard day. I am still struggling with my upcoming milestone birthday. miss Pooky kitty was not feeling well last week, so we went for a visit to our fave Dr. Mona, the cat whisperer. Dr Mona and a vet student found crystals in Pooky’s bladder- sort of the human equivalent of kidney stones. New food, antibiotics, and we headed home. Things were going well, or so I believed.
Miss Pook was unresponsive on Monday morning. I called in as soon as Dr Mona’s office opened. by the time we rushed in a few minutes before our allocated time, Miss trash talking, shade throwing Cattitude was listless and lethargic. Frighteningly so. In my heart, I knew. 10 years was all I would get with her.
After an exam, some kind words from Dr Mona, and some serious evaluation about quality of life versus quantity, the decision was made.
Wrapped in my favorite towel, laying in her favorite spot on my chest, I said my goodbye.
My heart is still breaking. I have called for her at least three times today.
I keep turning my attention to all of my other fur kids, who need me. I still feel a loss. Actually, the LOSSES. MOllydog passed from breast cancer in June. Two weeks ago, our elderly adoptee Daisy passed. Now PookyKitty.
I don’t do well with grief. I know I made the right choice to let her have a quality life and a dignified passing.
I still hurt.