I hate being sick!

I work in the healthcare field as one of my several part-time jobs. The other day, a friend came to me with concerns about a family member. To make a long story short, I recognized the symptoms of a stroke. CALL THE DOCTOR.

Right now, I have a couple of minor things going on with me. I have come down with these problems several times over the years. I know the symptoms. I know the signs. I have to call the doctor. 

I have to go through the hassle of call the clinic, hope they can work me in, and maybe have a nice visit with my doctor about my conditions. I am lucky enough that I am not on any steady medications. What the doctors often don’t understand is that 1- yes I have asthma, allergies and sometimes get bladder infections and an occasional yeast infection. 2- I am mostly on over the counter meds and want to keep it that way. 3-my symptoms are often irritating, and sometimes slow me down a bit but they are MANAGEABLE!! 

I’ve never been totally allergy free. Ever in my life. As long as I’m not miserable, I’m good to go. Let me be. I don’t want to be on meds until I have to be. Getting old is not easy, and soon enough I will have to take daily meds for my aging body.

Until then– LET ME BE!!


Oh what a year! It has been a year since I self-published my first book. I have learned so much, and come so far in what seems like a short time. I am currently trying NOT to rush to publish my next books. I want them not to be good, but GREAT! I want to grow as a writer and have my characters grow as well. I want to continue getting better and become a top-notch writer.

Notice I did not say best selling. I want to be a quality writer, and that does not always mean popular. I do not want to turn out a bunch of carbon copies of the same book, with only the names and small details changed. I want quality books that deal with real issues, that give people hope, make the reader laugh, and maybe heal or help someone.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to sell books. I want to write books. I would love to be a full-time author, and not have to work a variety of part-time jobs to make ends meet. Until I am able to reach that point, I will squeeze in my writing wherever and whenever I can, and stay focused on quality over quantity.