52 Week Blogging Challenge- Shed Your Stress

Hello all!

I am participating in the blogging challenge. I know I’m not consistent on my presence, and I need to do better. This (last) week’s topic was Shed the Stress.

How do I shed the stress? I fix myself a cup of dark roast coffee, sit down somewhere comfortable with my favorite sidekick Zsuzsa the mermaid cat, and gather my thoughts.

I imagine pushing the outside world away from me and inside my bubble is just me, the computer, and my kitty kid. A few deep breaths, release the tension in my shoulders (and everywhere else), and let the ideas flow. If that doesn’t work, I take my floofy dog, Lex for a walk. I let my mind wander. Enjoy the weather and nature. Or if that doesn’t work, I put on some music and dance. Sometimes, I get ideas and solutions when I’m doing the dishes or folding laundry, or even when I’m in the car listening to music and driving.

I guess my secret is there is no big secret. I put it to the back of my mind and keep trying.
until next time

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