Wichita Public Library – a Hidden Gem

Hello all!

This weekend I was in Wichita, Kansas for their yearly Local Author Fair. IT WAS GREAT! There was a panel of four authors who gave insights in the morning, and from 2-4 in the afternoon, the author fair. It was PACKED. I was surprised at the variety of fans, other authors, and general public. People of all ages came to see all different kinds of authors. Romance, Sci-fi, graphic novels, YA, kid lit, nonfiction, and paranormal were all represented.
I sold several books, as well as bought one from Avery Ames. (Shhh. I know it’s not going to be released for another two weeks!) I will be leaving a review for her! If you love high fantasy, don’t miss her book!
I will have to restock Paranormal Bites, Night Blind, Waking the Devil, and Light Shards. I even sold a copy of City Dreams.
I am so grateful to have good fans and access to events like this. PLEASE support t

Workshops, Libraries, and Writing

Hello all!
I am today at the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library today for a day of workshops. I am so lucky to have access to the TSCPL, their staff, and the wonderful offerings there.
I know there is a lot I need to learn. I am willing to learn. Today is a day for me to take what I can. I have found out that my flailing away in the dark has gained me valuable knowledge.
I do know the main message today is


Hello all!
I’ve been busy lately with doing multiple book signings, working on my self, and with a new story for an anthology. (I will publish details if I get accepted.)
It’s a paranormal murder mystery with Tessa and the werewolves. Niku, Tessa and Nathaniel are back together to investigate a murder. Right now, I am past the first deadline but am closing on the finish line.
Sorry I cant stay and talk, but will be back at least once before the Wichita KS Advanced Learning Library’s Local Author day on August 24th 2019 from 2-4 pm. I WILL BE THERE
Now back to typing away.