Post-Convention Letdown

Hello all!

What a weekend! I was a vendor at Crypticon Kansas City this past weekend. I had an awesome time!

My next door neighbors were a small business called Haunted Nozzle. They have 3D printed objects. One of the coolest products they have is a Kitty ‘Nip Rake. It’s a rake about the size of your hand, with a hollow handle filled with catnip. That way you can scratch kitty’s itches and groom while they enjoy the catnip, dispensed from a small hole in the handle, with just a shake! Zsuzsanna loves it and I only have one prissy kitty kid who isn’t so sure about it.

As for me, I’m tired. It was work. It rained off and on all weekend. I have three damaged books because of a downpour while I was moving my inventory into the building. Next time, I will wrap my books in plastic THEN put them into the cases. I had decent sales and ran out of business cards. By the end, people were snapping photos of the last remaining card I had. I am unpacked for the most part. I worked the day job and spent the rest of the afternoon dozing in spite of my wanting to do some work to the website. I must say I did enjoy my time and being encouraged by other vendors, may try again next year.

I did have an opportunity to speak to one of my childhood crushes in passing. I can’t say enough kind things about the soft-spoken Vinnie Appice. And NO I did NOT confess my teenage infatuation to him!

I will be adding photos soon of the convention. Stay safe. Until next time




Things are moving!!

Hello all!

We survived the plague, masking, and the tense living conditions and now things are opening up. I am still partially feral but am becoming more civilized every day.

This month is a big deal for me. I will be at Crypticon KC! I am so excited to be there. I will have all of my books for sale and I am hoping to sell out. This is new for me as I haven’t done anything of this size before.

I’ve ordered a new banner for the table, have new displays, and new signage for the front of the table.  I am anxious and happy at the same time.

if you get a chance, come check it out.

Be safe. Stay cool.

until next time


Covid and Quarantine

Hello all!

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I know this situation with the pandemic has us all out of sorts. I have had all of my book signings cancelled, all of my trips to cons postponed, and my shopping limited to once weekly runs for supplies. I am wearing a mask when I am in public. I will confess something. I hate it. But because I am a caring person and for the welfare of others, I wear my mask.

I am hard at work on my next book. Isys the vampire is not out of trouble yet.  Spoiler alert- She’s growing emotionally and is gaining some self-esteem.

My husband and I are both considered essential workers. This has brought some unique stressors to our relationship. Thankfully, we are in it for the long haul.

I do hope all of you are doing well. I hope that the scientists develop a vaccine for this soon. I would be happy to get it as a booster every year if it means stopping this pandemic. For now, I will hang on, keep hoping, and keep writing my books.  thank you for hanging in there with me!


until next time,


COVID-19 New Rules

Hello all-
I apologize for being absent for so long. I’ve had a busy time of it. And I’ve been in partial isolation for a while.
Due to “le day job” and Covid-19, I entered semi-isolation on about March 13, 2020. It has not been easy.
I must admit I have not been kind to myself. I also think I have been working through some stuff I haven’t made time to deal with.
I also adopted a special needs kitty. She is absolutely adorable, smart, and a bit of a handful. but so worth it. Zsuzsanna is my best friend since I lost my Pooky kitty and Mollydog at the start of the summer last year. Zsuzsanna’s gotcha day is in September. I admit she’s just a bit spoiled, but must be well-behaved.
I’ve been working on the latest book in the Kansas Vampire series. It looks like there will be another book…
Also, I know I’m a bit late on this, but I’ve been reading my book Night Moves on Facebook. I will read the sequel, the short story Night Games. Funny thing, I wrote Night Games first. And I will be reading that too.
Anyway, the love of my life is an over the road truck driver and an essential employee. Because I do home health care, I am also essential. Due to the totally messed up situation of the lack of personal protective equipment, I found out I can make hand sanitizer. A bottle of Everclear or 70% isopropyl alcohol (air line antifreeze), some aloe vera gel, and some essential oil, and I’m covered. I also made masks for my clients, my mom, myself, and the hubby. Right now, I am praying for a breakthrough in a vaccine.
I am a trauma survivor. I am also claustrophobic. Wearing a mask does trigger strong feelings in me, but because of the fact that COVID-19 is as brutal as it is, I suck it up and wear the mask. I will do this for a while, no matter how much I hate it. Unlike some of the covidiots protesting, I am smart enough to use protection.
Anyway, Please stay safe and take care of each other. Check out my “story time’ on the book of faces.
until next time-

NaNoWriMo anyone?

Hello all!
it’s that time of year again. I am torturing myself with the challenge of the National Novel Writing Month where I try to knock out 50,000 words in 30 days. Some years I won the challenge, and some I have not. It is a great time to connect with other writers, cheer each other on, and commiserate.
I realize I am posting this late in the month. It’s because I have been so busy doing stuff for other authors that I started late.
and on that note, I am turning off my inner author, attempting to break the 10,000 word mark, and getting back to putting the words on the page!
until next time,

Wichita Public Library – a Hidden Gem

Hello all!

This weekend I was in Wichita, Kansas for their yearly Local Author Fair. IT WAS GREAT! There was a panel of four authors who gave insights in the morning, and from 2-4 in the afternoon, the author fair. It was PACKED. I was surprised at the variety of fans, other authors, and general public. People of all ages came to see all different kinds of authors. Romance, Sci-fi, graphic novels, YA, kid lit, nonfiction, and paranormal were all represented.
I sold several books, as well as bought one from Avery Ames. (Shhh. I know it’s not going to be released for another two weeks!) I will be leaving a review for her! If you love high fantasy, don’t miss her book!
I will have to restock Paranormal Bites, Night Blind, Waking the Devil, and Light Shards. I even sold a copy of City Dreams.
I am so grateful to have good fans and access to events like this. PLEASE support t

Workshops, Libraries, and Writing

Hello all!
I am today at the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library today for a day of workshops. I am so lucky to have access to the TSCPL, their staff, and the wonderful offerings there.
I know there is a lot I need to learn. I am willing to learn. Today is a day for me to take what I can. I have found out that my flailing away in the dark has gained me valuable knowledge.
I do know the main message today is


Hello all!
I’ve been busy lately with doing multiple book signings, working on my self, and with a new story for an anthology. (I will publish details if I get accepted.)
It’s a paranormal murder mystery with Tessa and the werewolves. Niku, Tessa and Nathaniel are back together to investigate a murder. Right now, I am past the first deadline but am closing on the finish line.
Sorry I cant stay and talk, but will be back at least once before the Wichita KS Advanced Learning Library’s Local Author day on August 24th 2019 from 2-4 pm. I WILL BE THERE
Now back to typing away.


July 5 I had a wonderful day at Ellen Plumb’s City Book Store in Emporia, Kansas. It is a marvelous little gem snuggled up next to the college and if you’re not looking, you will miss it.
I was the featured author for the night.I had a room FULL of friends and friends who are family. The place was packed and I sold more books than I expected. New and old friends were introduced, and we had a good time.
THIS Saturday night, I will be at the Barnes and Noble in Bradley Fair in WIchita, Kansas on a local author panel. Or am I more of a regional Kansas-centric author now?
I am nervous. Hopeful. Excited. And I get to go stay with my daughter and her awesome hubby and see my other daughter. I get to see an author pal of mine who is also on the docket.
and my Vampire Doman will be there! I am afraid I will disappoint him.But I know the only way I could have done that was to NOT EVEN TRY for this.
For now, I will breathe, relax, and work on my next project.
I am also slated to try for a paranormal murder mystery anthology in a few more days. I’m halfway finished with the draft.
I also am waiting to see if I got a spot at the Local Author Day with the Wichita Kansas Library!
Maybe, if I look at the big picture, I might be getting the traction I need.

Hard Choices

Monday was a hard day. I am still struggling with my upcoming milestone birthday. miss Pooky kitty was not feeling well last week, so we went for a visit to our fave Dr. Mona, the cat whisperer. Dr Mona and a vet student found crystals in Pooky’s bladder- sort of the human equivalent of kidney stones. New food, antibiotics, and we headed home. Things were going well, or so I believed.
Miss Pook was unresponsive on Monday morning. I called in as soon as Dr Mona’s office opened. by the time we rushed in a few minutes before our allocated time, Miss trash talking, shade throwing Cattitude was listless and lethargic. Frighteningly so. In my heart, I knew. 10 years was all I would get with her.
After an exam, some kind words from Dr Mona, and some serious evaluation about quality of life versus quantity, the decision was made.
Wrapped in my favorite towel, laying in her favorite spot on my chest, I said my goodbye.
My heart is still breaking. I have called for her at least three times today.
I keep turning my attention to all of my other fur kids, who need me. I still feel a loss. Actually, the LOSSES. MOllydog passed from breast cancer in June. Two weeks ago, our elderly adoptee Daisy passed. Now PookyKitty.
I don’t do well with grief. I know I made the right choice to let her have a quality life and a dignified passing.
I still hurt.