This year has been full of demons for me to battle. I lost my job last year and my meager unemployment was about to be cut off. Yes, cut off due to the wisdom of those in politics. I finally managed to get a job, and took the first one that was offered to me.

It has been good for me physically, for the most part. Going from document work at a desk for the last three years to suddenly being on my feet for 5 hours at at time or more, in motion, with no real break other than my half-hour lunch is not easy. I did find another job last week more suited to my needs- stable hours and not being in constant motion. The new job is stable hours, the same days each week, and less time on my feet.

I have been writing in my spare time and for the last few months there has been precious little of it. The boost to the bank account has been wonderful though and a stable paycheck will help even more.

I know I am not the only one to lose my job. I know I am not the only one who has had a difficult time finding another job. I know I am not the only one who had the unemployment benefits cut off due to the political situation. I can only  hope my ramblings help at least one person to  not feel alone in this struggle. I hope my ramblings give hope to any who need it.

I have gone from thinking I am unemployable, too old, and not skilled enough to being more sure of myself. I am not over the crushing blow of losing my job due to no fault of my own and the owner needing to close. (Not her fault she got a promotion and  I couldn’t ride her coattails.) I found I am still capable of many things and learning some new ones too. I am pretty good at multitasking.

I have grown emotionally as well. I am now capable of hearing constructive criticism and can LISTEN to it, instead of taking it to heart and bashing myself over it. I have developed a bit of a thicker skin and I don’t always need to defend my actions. I am learning how to silence the negativity demons and not let their voices drown out all of the good stuff. I am not where I want to be, but I am gaining.

I am excited to be a published author now. This was a goal I hoped for, but never thought I would achieve so quickly. I have two more stories coming out this year in anthologies. I promise I will announce all the details as soon as I know what they are.

I have one short erotic story needing to go to the editor. (Elysian Dreams)  I have one novel to finish that may already have a home. I also need to get back to the rewrites on Night Blind. (Maybe if I do, Isis the vampire will quit HINTING and not be so frustrated with me. Three years is a long time to wait to see your story finished.)

so anyhoo since I stole my computer back from her, I should sit down and write more of the prequel to “Night Games” and maybe finish the story soon.

thank you all for letting me vent and ramble on!

until next time,

angel e

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