Hello my freaky ones-

The car in the photo belongs to my writer. It was a present from a former friend and her husband. (the former friend’s hubby is still friends with my Lukas and my writer’s hubby.) My writer knew the car needed a motor when she was gifted with it but didn’t care. She helped take the motor out of the car and has waited patiently for over 3 years to get a new motor.

Unfortunately, it seemed that every time she got even a few dollars ahead, she had to use that money for something other than the car. This year, her hubby made sure to save up. First thing on Monday morning, she left for one of her day jobs and her hubby left too. She returned after her day job to find her hubby here- with the motor.

My writer is so happy. She just needs a few more things to line up- her hubby home, the weather good, and a couple of days off so that she can help her hubby put the motor in. ¬†At the time the car was given to her, being a writer was just a dream. She hoped to be published and hoped to have her car fixed. Fast forward. She has several pieces of her work published under her real name and her pen name. She has the motor for her 2000 Camaro dream car. The “Isis car” as her hubby has named it. (Personally I like the idea of her car being named after me.)

It will take a few more weeks before she can get the car on the road. A nasty little crack has developed in the windshield and she has had the car for quite a while and not paid taxes on it. She is willing to pay the fees needed. She just needs a few more weeks of saving to be able to do it. Meanwhile, she will keep writing, keep working, and feeling grateful for all she has. “Things are starting to come together,” she says.

This has been a long road. There is no denying that there are similar paths for my writer’s jobs, writing, and fixing the car. All have involved struggle, work, patience, perseverance, and even some disappointment. Somehow, the idea of a broken, hand-me-down car being made whole is so much more than it first appears. I can’t wait to see how the next chapter unfolds.

Well my freaky ones, I hope your lives are finding some cohesion.I also hope your year has taken a big turn for the better and that things are looking up for you. Sometimes, things seem to be one step forward, two steps back. But when you stop and take a moment to look at things from a bigger angle, they really are moving in the right direction. Hang hard onto the hope and the good.



ps Be watching for an announcement about an upcoming release!Image

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