Not again

Somehow, every time I try to post, something goes wrong. Twice last week, I poured out my soul, whined about my pains, and had an amazing blog post written up, only to either have it disappear, or the site refused to post it. No good reason why, just “not allowed”. Now today,  somehow, I pushed the wrong combination of buttons, and the post simply disappeared off the screen. Everything I had written was gone. Again.

I have options. I can either quit now, and not post again. Not an option. I can say it wasn’t meant to be, that the “universe, powers above, Creator, (fill in your choice of entity/deity)” does not want me to post that. Maybe, but again, not posting is not an option for me.

For me, this is like some of my writing and computer problems. Either I can stop now, or I can keep going. I will keep going. I may need a day or two to gather myself, but I will keep at it. I have a NEED to write, to dance, just like I have to breathe, to eat, to drink coffee. I will have to admit, I need to make sure I am not doing something to create my own mess, and accept my part, if any, in this.

NOW comes the real test. I have rewritten this post (for the fourth time in two weeks), and will push the “publish post” button. If it goes through, I will celebrate. If it does not, I will again begin typing.

We as writers can either give up, stop writing, and allow all the scratches and dents to overcome our shiny chrome plated hearts, or we can gather our will, proudly polish those dents and scratches and KEEP GOING. Best of luck to all of you. I’m off to polish my little dented heart, and  WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!!!

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