Friend or Foe

For some time, I have had character with a blog, and a twitter feed. Out of the blue, I received a request to resurrect some of my older work that I did with a co-writer. I had mixed feelings. I was not the one that called off the project, and I have certainly taken my characters and been busy rewriting. I thought about it, consulted the minds of several others who were more knowledgeable, then made my decision.

My characters have moved on, and exist in a whole new world. This has given me freedom and the opportunity to write my characters as I saw them. I have the freedom to pursue my story lines, use all of my ideas, and not have to compromise. My reluctant heroine can be true to herself. I can be true to my characters.

I do miss some parts of a former friendship. However, it was pointed out to me by several of my other friends, that maybe the friendship may not have been so good for me.

I think in this case, moving on is the best thing for me, for Isis the Vampire, and for my writing. Not holding onto something just because it is all I know has proven to be an awesome thing for me and has facilitated so much more growth for me than I ever thought possible.

happy writing

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