Adrenaline Rush

Yesterday morning I had a nightmare about a screaming horse fighting a dragon. I started my day off with putting the dogs outside and as I was fixing my coffee, someone came down my driveway.
I met her in the dark and rain to hear that one of my horses had been hit on the highway. I ran back inside and grabbed my truck keys and drove over to the scene.
I jumped out of my truck and immediately called to the horses. In the darkness, wind and rain, with flashing lights, it took me five minutes to get close enough to the horses.


I offered the use of my quarantine pen temporarily before I went back home. By now, my fleece sleep shirt and pants were soaked, my slippers were wet, and my heart rate was finally slowing to a more normal rate. I called my babies up and gave them some grain, scratches and pats, and breathed a sigh of relief.
When chores were finished, I was dressed and fed, and storm prep done, another woman drove down my private road to my house. A winter storm with significant ice and snow accumulation was quickly approaching.
The frazzled, panicked, and upset owner of the other horses asked if she could leave the remaining duo of equines in my quarantine area for a while until she could get the fence fixed.
I spent yesterday afternoon making sure my fences were somewhat repaired and the visiting horses are secure.
The visitors will be going home in the next day or two, the storm has passed, my furnace is fixed, my hackers were stopped, and we have propane. I have a stew in the crockpot, fresh bread, hot coffee, and tomorrow the frigid temps and ice will melt off.

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