Work and Dreams

Today another of my short stories went live. Two years ago when I struck out on my own, I could have only dreamed of this.  I currently have three stories in two different anthologies out.

Corvis Nocturnum and Dark Moon Press accepted my one short story, then soon was followed by a second. That was because SK Whiteside and Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly had taken my first one I submitted. I am STILL on cloud nine!!

I am gushing all over my pages today. I have had three stories in two anthologies (I know I said this already) go live in just a few weeks! Some authors never get this chance. I have worked hard to get this far. Every time I went over and over that story to correct any errors I found, read story out loud, print off story and go through it, then send it off to the editor, look CLOSELY at what changes were suggested and why, approve/reject changes (and say WHY if I reject them), then send back. REPEAT as many times as needed.  I have been told by other published authors and professional editors that is one sign of quality work- polishing the story.

I am at this point in time an Indie author. That means I am a rebel, small time, and outside the mainstream. I am not rich. I am not a best-seller. YET! I do love what I do. I love to write. I love to tackle issues in a new way and make people think. Some of my stories are fluffy, but there is an undertone of an independent woman, who is not model-thin, who is intelligent, and has to overcome some sort of internal or external conflict or both.  My gals (vamp, werewolf, or other paranormal) may get their butts kicked or lose the battle, but they eventually win the war.

Now I hope you will make the launch of Morbid Seraphic 2 break records for CHBB. I want you to step outside the normal limits and check out Bloody Kisses, a vampire erotica anthology volume 2.

I hope your hard work is paying off as well as mine is! I hope your dreams come true, and are tempered with hard work and love.

all my love,


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