Trolls, Trolls, Everywhere

hello my freaky ones!

I need to warn you. I will be on a tear tonight. I am irritated at what has happened in my author’s world today. Someone decided to report a whole bunch of authors as spammers. Consequently, they are unable to post about their releases until AFTER their new book is live. This cuts down on the publicity for the authors and can damage sales.

What I can’t understand is WHY??? Is it petty jealousy? Is it an attempt by one author to get rid of the competition so the sales will be better? Is it ingorance? Or is it simply pure hate? The kind of person who would report 90% of the authors allied with one online niche publisher must be a different sort indeed. I wish this troll to see the significance of their actions and let their actions come back to them.

I am irritated. I am angry. Unfortunately for MY writer, she has been caught up in the peripherals of this. She cannot share certain posts, comment on some things, and is wondering when she will be put in temporary jail herself. (I keep telling her not to worry.)

So to combat the trolls, I made sure to post as much as I could about this, to Tweet about it, and to use the hashtag #onehouseunited to show my support of all indie authors.

Indies Unite!

Okay, my writer came home early and I have to go. She needs the computer to do some editing and work. Thanks again for letting me vent. (My writer says it is much better than me hunting down the person or people that did this and eating them.) Until next time,



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