July 5 I had a wonderful day at Ellen Plumb’s City Book Store in Emporia, Kansas. It is a marvelous little gem snuggled up next to the college and if you’re not looking, you will miss it.
I was the featured author for the night.I had a room FULL of friends and friends who are family. The place was packed and I sold more books than I expected. New and old friends were introduced, and we had a good time.
THIS Saturday night, I will be at the Barnes and Noble in Bradley Fair in WIchita, Kansas on a local author panel. Or am I more of a regional Kansas-centric author now?
I am nervous. Hopeful. Excited. And I get to go stay with my daughter and her awesome hubby and see my other daughter. I get to see an author pal of mine who is also on the docket.
and my Vampire Doman will be there! I am afraid I will disappoint him.But I know the only way I could have done that was to NOT EVEN TRY for this.
For now, I will breathe, relax, and work on my next project.
I am also slated to try for a paranormal murder mystery anthology in a few more days. I’m halfway finished with the draft.
I also am waiting to see if I got a spot at the Local Author Day with the Wichita Kansas Library!
Maybe, if I look at the big picture, I might be getting the traction I need.

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