Snowmageddon 2013

IMG_0010Ahh, blessed snow.
Well, maybe. This year we had a large storm move through the country. Stuff was messed up from Colorado to Nebraska to Missouri, as well as all over Kansas. As usual, with my wonderful luck, I was mostly left to endure it alone.
Yes, ALONE. Even though my son lives only about 1,000 feet away from me, he was too “busy” to help much. Oh, he grabbed the snowblower, ran it around 2 sides of the vehicles, made a single pass to where I had shoveled myself, and refused to do much else. He brought his small truck, with almost no ground clearance, down to my house. He dug himself out where he was stuck, then turned around and went home. the next day, since I was fussing about not being dug out yet, and my hubby, mom, and sis badgered my offspring, he brought his financee/girlfriend/live in’s car down, promptly getting it stuck several times.
I have managed to dig the rest of the parking area out, my sidewalk out twice, and made my way out to do chores. As my wonderful luck would have it, my hot water lines are frozen in our balmy temps- was 8 degrees when I woke up.
MORE good news. I have managed to tweak my back, and make my arm sore. I do have to admit, picking up the plugged in extension cord to the chicken house, and finding missing insulation on it with my bare hand, has probably aggravated my sore arm. The chickens now have a new extension cord, and were toasty warm all night last night.
The weather is expected to come in on us tomorrow night, dumping freezing rain on top of this nearly 12 inches of snow. ENough, you say?? BWAHAHAHA! We are expected to get another 4 inches of snow with the 3/4 inch of ice from freezing rain from Sunday night to sometime Monday afternoon.
The good news in all of this is that with the weather, over the road truck drivers have been seriously inconvenienced, and loads are either pushed back or cancelled. And how can this be good news, knowing my other half is a trucker? This means he gets to spend his reset time at home.
He has banned me from doing more shoveling, ordered me to take it easy, put on a pot of chili, only do basic chores for the critters, and wait for him to come rescue me.
He is ready to put the chains on the one ton truck, put the snow blade on the back, and WORK!

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