Post-Convention Letdown

Hello all!

What a weekend! I was a vendor at Crypticon Kansas City this past weekend. I had an awesome time!

My next door neighbors were a small business called Haunted Nozzle. They have 3D printed objects. One of the coolest products they have is a Kitty ‘Nip Rake. It’s a rake about the size of your hand, with a hollow handle filled with catnip. That way you can scratch kitty’s itches and groom while they enjoy the catnip, dispensed from a small hole in the handle, with just a shake! Zsuzsanna loves it and I only have one prissy kitty kid who isn’t so sure about it.

As for me, I’m tired. It was work. It rained off and on all weekend. I have three damaged books because of a downpour while I was moving my inventory into the building. Next time, I will wrap my books in plastic THEN put them into the cases. I had decent sales and ran out of business cards. By the end, people were snapping photos of the last remaining card I had. I am unpacked for the most part. I worked the day job and spent the rest of the afternoon dozing in spite of my wanting to do some work to the website. I must say I did enjoy my time and being encouraged by other vendors, may try again next year.

I did have an opportunity to speak to one of my childhood crushes in passing. I can’t say enough kind things about the soft-spoken Vinnie Appice. And NO I did NOT confess my teenage infatuation to him!

I will be adding photos soon of the convention. Stay safe. Until next time




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