Hello all-

It’s Christmas eve here on the ranchette and all the furred, feathered, and human are asleep. This is always a difficult time for us around here. All of our holidays have not always been happy.

We are as nervous as cats around rocking chairs because we wait until we see how the day will go. Once we find out that things are not going to degenerate into someone picking a fight and making one or more of the other people at the gathering miserable and/or in tears, we finally relax.

Self-preservation skills are not easily un-learned. As it has taken time for us to instinctively react, it will take time for us to learn a new way to be. Thankfully, we are learning how to be this way.

We are learning that holidays can be a happy time. No one need be reduced to tears. No one need be upset/angry/ugly acting. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow. It has been a hard year. I did manage to find a few goodies for my family. Nothing extravagant, but useful. I am hopeful for a wonderful day. I am hopeful for a fun time with my family. I am hopeful for another good holiday. Seems like there are more good ones lately than bad ones.

My Christmas wish is that no one ever suffer emotional, physical, verbal, or any other kind of abuse. My Christmas wish is that everyone have more good holidays than bad ones.

sorry to be so serious. I am hopeful for a wonderful new year for my family and all who choose to be a part of my life! THANK YOU, Happy Holidays, Merry Yule, Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, or however you choose to celebrate. May it be filled with love, happiness, hope, and tears of joy!


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