Do you NaNo?

I am blogging today while I look at the windmills in Central Kansas —


How many of you are doing the NaNoWriMo thing? I struggle with the thought of cranking out a whole novel in 30 days. I have to sit down and sometimes I feel like I am simply writing a stream of consciousness, and not quality work.

Okay, okay. I know that first you have to get the story out, and editing will polish the story. But what if it is a bad story from the start? I know there are several instances of bad writing being popular. But I don’t want to be one of THOSE writers, my mind SCREAMS.

I step back, take a deep breath, and realign. I have a story I want to write. I have a character who wants her story told. I love writing my vampires. Why am I doing this in the first place? Because I love to write, plain and simple.

So, again, why am I going to subject myself to the pressure of cranking out so many thousand words a day for a month? I do it for *takes deep breath* the challenge to see if I can, to know I can write and complete a novel in 30 days, to have another completed MS in my files, to complete a task with a deadline I set for myself, for the prizes, and most of all- SO THAT I CAN CONQUER MY FEAR OF SUCCESS!!!

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