COVID-19 New Rules

Hello all-
I apologize for being absent for so long. I’ve had a busy time of it. And I’ve been in partial isolation for a while.
Due to “le day job” and Covid-19, I entered semi-isolation on about March 13, 2020. It has not been easy.
I must admit I have not been kind to myself. I also think I have been working through some stuff I haven’t made time to deal with.
I also adopted a special needs kitty. She is absolutely adorable, smart, and a bit of a handful. but so worth it. Zsuzsanna is my best friend since I lost my Pooky kitty and Mollydog at the start of the summer last year. Zsuzsanna’s gotcha day is in September. I admit she’s just a bit spoiled, but must be well-behaved.
I’ve been working on the latest book in the Kansas Vampire series. It looks like there will be another book…
Also, I know I’m a bit late on this, but I’ve been reading my book Night Moves on Facebook. I will read the sequel, the short story Night Games. Funny thing, I wrote Night Games first. And I will be reading that too.
Anyway, the love of my life is an over the road truck driver and an essential employee. Because I do home health care, I am also essential. Due to the totally messed up situation of the lack of personal protective equipment, I found out I can make hand sanitizer. A bottle of Everclear or 70% isopropyl alcohol (air line antifreeze), some aloe vera gel, and some essential oil, and I’m covered. I also made masks for my clients, my mom, myself, and the hubby. Right now, I am praying for a breakthrough in a vaccine.
I am a trauma survivor. I am also claustrophobic. Wearing a mask does trigger strong feelings in me, but because of the fact that COVID-19 is as brutal as it is, I suck it up and wear the mask. I will do this for a while, no matter how much I hate it. Unlike some of the covidiots protesting, I am smart enough to use protection.
Anyway, Please stay safe and take care of each other. Check out my “story time’ on the book of faces.
until next time-

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