Book Playlist for Night Moves

Hello all!

I have heard about authors posting playlists they used when they were writing the book. I decided to try doing it. If anyone is interested, I listen to a rather eclectic range of music. With this particular book and these characters, these songs fit.

If you’ve read the book, then you will be able to put the songs in order. Simeon is a bit of a bad boy, and Elise is well… Elise. The song that defines their relationship is Hey Ho. Simeon and Cati- well it ends up being more like Use Me.

Cati and Kristos are quite another thing. From Kristos’s point of view, it’s Heaven Sent.
The full listing is (in no particular order)-
Use Me
Hey Ho
Lips of an Angel
Loaded and Alone
Heaven Sent
Up All Night
Take it to the Limit

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